• Asset library for drag-and-drop convenience in adding media elements, and experiential activities to your timeline


  • Context-specific notepad – reminders, script elements and guidance can be saved next to the relevant slide and viewed during your presentation.


  • Onscreen timer for countdown timing of decision sessions, discussion and breakouts



  • All presentations are built on a timeline that allows real-time editing during an event. This includes, insertion, deletion and reordering of media events and interactions, even pull video in from YouTube – all live.


  • Customize and save timelines for different audiences, durations and content


  • Dual display – separate facilitator screen allows tracking and editing of timeline while participants view output on their own monitors or on projection screens


  • Unprecedented interactive capacity – allowing real-time interchange between participants and facilitator - participants can affect outcome, receive feedback on their choices - to build a uniquely dynamic experience for all​.

  • Capable of delivering multiple media formats: images, slideshows, video, sound, text and animation

  • Jukebox audio feature allows for creation of a playlist of walk-in-walk-out music, ambient background music, as well as the linking of narration and music to specific slides with built-in loop and fade options

  • Dynamic text screens; onboard virtual flipchart with spell check

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