Stepping into this environment is the first stage in their journey into a narrative of challenge, discovery, achievement and meaningful learning. The first narrative elements invite them into the story and as they grapple with the challenges and dilemmas, it grows into them as they grow into their roles – they are climbing Mount Everest, they are racing to be first to the South Pole, they are finding their way across the desert – the story has become their own.

The challenges are not abstract puzzles, they are vital dilemmas; to succeed, to survive, they must get it right – lives are on the line and the prize is there for the taking.


The beauty of Townhall Builder for me as facilitator is that it brings the experience to life, it follows a meaningful narrative arc, and yet it equips me to respond to the life in the room – as the adventurers make their discoveries, link those discoveries to new insights and frames of reference in their workplace, I can steer the experience so that it serves them best.

The most satisfying moments at these events for me as a facilitator is seeing the experience grab them, seeing them dig in and grapple authentically with the challenges of their adventure, and above all witnessing the epiphanies – those aha! moments when they make the connection to their working lives – they see an opportunity to do better, go farther, reach higher – and see in each other that greater potential to make a difference in what they do together every day.

It is a privilege to be a part of it and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Even though we have planned the story sequence with their declared needs in mind, I know new insights can emerge during such an intensive experience that call for a shift in focus. After all, it is now their story and I am there to serve.


I have a library of story elements in reserve that I can instantly drag and drop into the timeline so they seamlessly experience a flow of narrative that matches their growing engagement and understanding.

And I have a library of models and teaching elements -- theory bursts – that I can draw on at need.

And I have the Web – a YouTube video, a SlideShare sequence, a fragment of a TED talk -- can easily be captured and downloaded and added to the timeline as the need appears.

© 2017 Mark Jenkins